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A Licence to . . .

We live in a modern gas chamber. The Nazi attitude prevails in people who would feign shock at the comparison but whose cruelty is consistent with this group, disguised by their seedy pretence at care, compassion, politeness and political correctness. They will be aghast that one dares to outline the torture endured at their hands. They will be contemptuous, for they consider themselves to be irreproachable, untouchable, in the upper echelons of the body politic. They will never be aghast at their own acts. Like those who formed the Third Reich, they all hail each other, but no longer in the name of Hitler. Perhaps it is in the name of the NHS, perhaps George Osborne, perhaps Jeremy Hunt, for their pivotal roles in driving the ill and the disabled to death.

In the Nazi camps, prisoners who were ill, those who had a disability, were destined for the gas chamber. In our modern society, we have seen the poor and the ill die and commit suicide because of delays in their benefits, or a cut or withdrawal in financial and other support designed to assist those who need it.

We are nobodies; we form part of society that has been sidelined and, in our agony, lacerated and impaled by those in power who are insidious in their desire that we not merely die but that our suffering is like a Tolstoy novel, page after page of unbearable misery, then adapted in film form, so that the ordeal never eases and death is then welcomed. The relief of death will come to some. Others will see the novel progress to the film adaptation then segue into a television series . . . for such is torture.

It is the body politic; those considered less worthy are indeed less worthy and have no place in society. In today's world, the physical gas chamber is replaced by attitudes, behaviours, policies and legislation to ensure this is done. It is societal cleansing, a form of purging akin to ethnic cleansing, akin to eugenics. Never mind political niceties, when they do occur. It is a sewer above ground. They smile when they deliver death; they cheer and applaud (very often in Parliament) when agony is inflicted. The band of brothers within the NHS supports their colleagues who apply salt to open wounds and inflict the afflicted with greater harm; they ignore the anguish of the critical; they protect the torturers, not the tortured. We barely survived our gas chamber. May no-one else enter. #Peopleslivesmatter

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